Build Balance & Core Stability with the TRX® Suspension Trainer

TRX® Suspension Trainer

The TRX® Suspension Trainer is the original bodyweight-based portable training tool that builds strength, balance, flexibility and core stability for people of all fitness levels.  Download an information packet with nearby hotels and directions to the facility.

2021 Upcoming Dates:

  • TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course (SMSTC) – TBA
  • TRX Functional Training Course (FTC) – TBA


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  • TRX SMSTC – ACE 0.8, AFAA 7.0, Canfitpro 4.0, ISSA 7.0, NASM 0.7, PTA Global 7.0, and SkillsActive REPS 8.0, 8 HD, (ACSM accepts ACE CECs)
  • TRX FTC – ACE 0.7, AFAA 7.0, canfitpro 4.0,NASM 0.7, PTA Global 7.0, 7 HD, (ACSM accepts ACE CECs)

Who Should Attend?

          • Fitness Center Managers
          • Personal Trainers
          • Group Fitness Instructors
          • Strength & Conditioning Specialists
          • Physical Therapists
          • Pilates Teachers

What to Bring:

          • Water
          • Notepad/pen
          • Snacks/lunch
          • Sweatshirt
          • Money to purchase items for sale

TRX® Training Benefits

Make Your Body Your Machine

TRX® Suspension Training® harnesses your own bodyweight to create resistance as you train. That’s all you need – the TRX and your own body. No additional weights required.

Unlimited Versatility

Not only is each individual’s body built a little differently, but we each fill our lives with a mix of physical activities that can require specific training. TRX Suspension Training allows you to instantly adjust the level of difficulty for each exercise, and you can easily customize any workout.

Maximize Your Training Time

You can easily switch from exercise to exercise in less than 15 seconds. This allows you to maximize your training time and enables circuit-style workouts.

Build Core Strength

Having a strong core will prevent injuries, improve posture and increase overall strength. All of our movements are powered by the torso – the abs and back work together to support the spine during everyday activities and exercise. Suspension Training builds core strength with every exercise by creating an element of instability that calls on your core to provide balance and coordination.

Life Doesn’t Happen Sitting Down

In real life, our bodies move to the side, backward, forward and diagonally. Shouldn’t we train the same way? Unlike traditional weight training that tends to be linear and follow one plane of movement (sagittal), Suspension Training encourages multiplanar training (frontal, sagittal, transverse) which integrates all your motions and mimics real-life movement. This will bring a muscular balance to your body, increasing performance and preventing injuries.

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